The Women's National Team player Yuliya Vasilevich, who made a debut in the team during the games of the FIBA Women’s EuroBasket Qualifiers-2021, joined the "Step to the Future" seminar at the Grodno Olympic Reserve School.

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The event was held by the Belarusian Basketball Federation from 21st to 22nd February 2021 and was attended by coaches, students of the Faculty of Physical Education of the Grodno State University, young basketball players born in 2009-2010, all representing Grodno, Skidel, Smorgon, Lida, and Mosty.

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Under the leadership of Aliaksandr Shimkavyak and Viktoriya Datsun Yuliya began to play basketball. She studied at the regional school of the Olympic reserve and now she plays at the local club "Olimpia".

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Boys and girls acted as young reporters and asked the athlete numerous questions: when did she come to basketball; why did she change swimming to a team sport; did her parents support her; what is the difference between playing for the club and the National Team; what kind of relationship she has with other NT representatives; what did she feel when scored the first points; what game became the most memorable in her career; what diet should one adhere to during the competitions, and etc.

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Andrei Kamar (Smorgon) and Ulyana Zhukevich (Grodno), who asked the most interesting questions, received special prizes – autographed balls. Alisa Yablonskaya (Smorgon) and Artsiom Kamelyahin (Mosty) received honorable prizes as well.

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After chatting with the special guest of the camp, the second day of the seminar was completely theoretical and practical under the leadership of Serbian specialist Zlatan Presic, the head coach of the Belarusian Women’s National U-18 team, and the coach of the BC "Horizont".

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A basketball skills competition became the finale of the event. The winners are Ivan Lebedevich (Grodno) and Aleiaksandra Antonik (Mosty).

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The project sponsor – "5 element" company.

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This seminar gives a start to "Step to the Future" – a large joined event of the BBF and FIBA Europe which will take place in all regions of our country. Now, the target audience is youth coaches. The main lecturer is the Serbian specialist Zlatan Presic, the head coach of the Belarusian Women’s National U-18 team, and the coach of the BC "Horizont". In 2019 and 2020, the FIBA Europe campaign "Her World, Her Rules" was successfully held in Belarus under his guidance. The project was dedicated to young players who were born in 2007-2008; the best players continue their studies at the Republican State Sports School. The first stage of the project has already been held in Gomel from 17-18 February 2021. Zlatan Presic will visit Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Molodechno, and Minsk. It is also planned to host a large final training camp for the best players selected by the experts.

We would like to remind you that in 2018-2020 within the framework of the joint project of BBF and FIBA Europe "Step to the Future" two large-scale festivals of basketball skills were held for young Belarusian athletes, including regional selection stages and finals, which were held at two arenas of the capital – Falcon Club Arena and the Sports Palace respectively. In addition, in the summer and autumn of 2019, the training camps for children were organized in Volozhin and Minsk with the help of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus; the main lecturers were the American experts Chris Dial and Justin Berry, representing The Basketball Embassy. In 2020, a large-scale festival, 3x3 basketball tournaments were held for young Belarusian athletes at the recreation center "Prival "and "Zeleny Bor", as well as basketball skills contest "Basketball on Christmas" in December in Mogilev.

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Participants of the seminar:


Volha Drach (Skidel) 2009

Lizaveta Piachora (Skidel) 2009

Alisa Yablonskaya (Smorgon) 2009

Valeryia Pavlyuk (Smorgon) 2010

Vera Spurgyash (Lida) 2009

Anhelina Tron (Lida) 2009

Darya Buiko (Mosty) 2009

Aliaksandra Antonik (Mosty) 2009

Darya Hrihuts (Grodno) 2009

Valeryia Radzivon (Grodno) 2010

Ulyana Zhukevich (Grodno) 2010

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Artsiom Kameliahin (Mosty) 2009

Marat Bobko (Mosty) 2009

Nazar Zhdanyuk (Smorgon) 2009

Andrei Komar (Smorgon) 2009

Artsiom Yursha (Lida) 2009

Herman Krugly (Lida) 2009

Artsiom Rusnak (Grodno) 2009

Maksim Bondar (Grodno) 2009

Ivan Lebedevich (Grodno) 2010

Yauheni Kryshalovich (Grodno) 2010

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                         Nataliya Rukoleeva celebrated her birthday, as always, at work. 


Aliaksandr Sazonau (Skidel)

Vera Mikhaltsova (Mosty)

Valery Dantsevich (Mosty)

Mark Apanovich (Mosty)

Tatsiana Rapatsevich (Smorgon)

Zhanna Grekhova (Smorgon)

Diana Hulbitskaia (Smorgon)

Siarhi Dureika (Smorgon)

Valeriy Yurchanka (Smorgon)

Diana Tolochko (Smorgon)

Ihar Kasko (Lida)

Valeriy Kulnis (Lida)

Uladzislau Poplauski (Grodno)

Tatsiana Matusevich (Grodno)

Artur Arlavets (Grodno)

Daryia Patupchik (Grodno)

Siarhei Ovseichyk (Grodno)

Ruslan Nosenko (Grodno)

Halina Myshepud (Grodno)

Valiantsina Myshepud (Grodno)

Natalia Rukoleeva (Grodno)

Elena Skrobko (Grodno)

Viktoryia Hryhencha (Grodno)

Natalia Vasilenko (Grodno)

Halina Vakhrusheva (Grodno)

Aliaksei Prakapenka (Grodno)

Viktoryia Datsun (Grodno)

Photos by Volha Tatarinova

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