The non-governmental association "Belarusian Basketball Federation" is a voluntary association of citizens based on common interests to realize civil, social, cultural and other rights. The activity of the BBF is based on the principles of voluntariness, legality, independence and publicity. The BBF is a republican non-governmental association that carries out its activities throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus, may have its own organizational structures created on the territorial principle and acting on the basis of the Charter. The BBF carries out its activities according to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, "Public Associations law", "Physical Culture and Sport law", other acts of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the Charter and the regulating documents of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), The International Basketball Federation of Europe (FIBA-Europe). The BBF is an approved member of FIBA by the decision of the Executive Committee on July 10, 1992.

The goals of the Belarusian Basketball Federation are as follows: the organization, development and basketball popularization as a sport, including amateur and professional forms on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as strengthening the positions and increasing the prestige of the Belarusian basketball in the international arena, developing international sports relations in the field of basketball in all its forms.

The federation organizes and hosts events for the basketball development in the Republic of Belarus, participates in the organization of basketball competitions in all its forms, renders comprehensive assistance and contributes to national and club basketball teams in training the reserve, retraining and raising the level of the coaches’ and players’ skills.

The main tasks of the BBF are as follows:

  • To combine the efforts of the BBF members and all organizations interested in the basketball development.
  • To develop directions, implement programs for the mass basketball development and to improve its forms.
  • To improve the organizational and methodological foundations for the training of sports reserves and highly qualified athletes.
  • To participate in the preparation and promote the successful performance of national teams and clubs in international competitions.
  • To develop and strengthen connections between members, clubs, regional structures, state and non-state institutions, foreign and international governmental and non-governmental associations, FIBA, FIBA-Europe.
  • To provide support to athletes, coaches, referees, other professionals, as well as veterans of basketball.
  • To contribute to the development of the scientific, methodological and technical potential of the Belarusian basketball within the BBF sphere of interest.
  • To provide support of foundations and charitable organizations in favor of basketball, to participate in charity actions and assistance to the BBF members.
  • To assist in the appropriate training activities of coaches, athletes, judges, instructors, functionaries, as well as other staff members of national teams and basketball clubs.
  • To protect rights and legitimate interests of BBF members.
  • To maintain regular contacts with the media for the implementation of the information policy and ensuring the publicity of the BBF work.
  • To attract financial resources for the goals realization of the BBF, to receive, distribute and use the humanitarian assistance according to the current legislation.

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