The seventh season of the European Women's Basketball League began at the end of October, when 4 teams played in the first stage of Group A: Zhabiny Brno (Czech Republic), Kibirkstis-MRU (Lithuania), Piestanske Cajky (Slovakia) and Olimpia (Belarus). According to the results of two matches, the Grodno squad was destroyed twice.

Today, December 1, the team from Mogilev shall play their first match in the tournament. The opposing team is the Czech club Brno.

On November 28, the National team of Belarus played with the team of Greece in Thessaloniki. In a tense battle, the victory went to the Host 67:77.

On November 25, on the court of the capital's Sports Palace, the National team of Belarus beat their rivals from Turkey 84:70.

On November 14, 2021, the National team of Belarus beat the team of the Netherlands in overtime with a score of 83:72 in the FIBA EuroBasket 2023 Qualifiers game.

On November 11, 2021 at 20:45, Nataliya Trafimava's charges will play against the women’s team of the Czech Republic.

Today, on 6 September, the 3x3 U23 Women's and Men's teams of Belarus won silver medals at the 2021 CIS Games.

Today, on 4 September, the best teams of the season in six categories of the 3x3 National Basketball League were defined.

In the game for the 3rd place of the FIBA 3х3 U18 World Cup 2021, the team of Belarus left no chance for the team of Egypt, winning with a score of 21:9 the first 3x3 medal of the World Cup in the history of national basketball!

Today, on 27August, the representative of the Belarusian National Team Palina Kastsiukavets won the bronze medal of the basketball skill competition, which was held at the FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2021.

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