In the game for the 3rd place of the FIBA 3х3 U18 World Cup 2021, the team of Belarus left no chance for the team of Egypt, winning with a score of 21:9 the first 3x3 medal of the World Cup in the history of national basketball!

Belarus 3x3 U18 2

Kiryl Vaskautsou opened the score in the match, by that making it clear to the opponents that the team of Belarus does not intend to miss the bronze medals. In two and a half minutes after the start, the team of Belarus took the lead with a score of 8:3, and then up to the middle of the quarter with a score of 17:6. The Belarusians looked so reliant in their abilities that the Egyptians stand no chance to somehow turn tables in their favor. Aliaksei Lashkevich's fosterlings release 8 two-pointers, and so as to achieve the final success in this game, they needed only six and a half minutes of playing time.

The roster of the men's team of Belarus: Ivan Baldueu, Daniil Kasko, Illia Milasheuski, Kiryl Vaskautsou, Aliaksei Yudkin (backup, individual competitions).

The head coach is Aliaksei Lashkevich.


Illia Milasheuski participated in the so-called symbolic top three basketball players (Team of the Tournament) following the results of the FIBA 3х3 U18 World Cup 2021.

We remind that during the FIBA 3х3 U18 World Cup 2021 draw, the team of Belarus became three times winners, namely over Germany with a score of 21:9, over Romania with a score of 20:12 and Israel with a score of 21:20 at the group round of the competition. Aliaksei Lashkevich's fosterlings were defeated only in the pool by the team of Egypt, losing with a score of 17:20. On 28 August, the Belarusians confidently coped with the Ukrainians in the quarterfinals, beating the team of Ukraine with a 21:14 score. Today, on 29 August, the team of Belarus lost to the USA in the semifinals with a score of 13:21, and then in the bronze match they left no chance for Egypt, winning with a score of 21:9.

FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup

It should be concerned that Kiryl Vaskautsou, upon returning to Minsk as a member of the U23 team, will continue preparing for the 2021 CIS Games, which will be held on 4-7 September 2021 in Kazan. In the meantime, Ivan Baldueu, Daniil Kasko, Illia Milasheuski, and Aliaksei Yudkin will prepare for the FIBA 3х3 U17 World Cup 2021, which is scheduled for 17-19 September 2021 in Lisbon.

All the above-mentioned basketball players train and play in the National Championship of Belarus for the teams that are part of the BC "Tsmoki-Minsk": Kiryl Vaskautsou and Illia Milasheuski are players of "Tsmoki-Reserve", Ivan Baldueu, Daniil Kasko, Aliaksei Yudkin are players of "Tsmoki-Youth".

Also, all the medal winners, except Illia Milasheuski, are students of the Republic State School of Olympic Reserve.


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