According to the BBF, Belarusian National Team will meet the teams of Japan, Colombia and France within the group stage.

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The Official Draw Ceremony for the FIBA U17 Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018 took place on 6 March in the Minsk City Hall.

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The gold medalist of the Olympics-1980 Tatsiana Belashapka and the bronze medalist of the Eurobasket-2007 Tatsiana Troina took part in the group forming process.

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The head coach of the Belarusian National Team Viktoryia Datsun says: «Speaking about our group opponents, I would like to mention that there are usually no weak teams on the competitions of such a scale. Maybe, we are lucky that we don’t play with the USA or Australia but on the same time we are in one group with a strong French, Japanese and Colombian team. These days we run a training camp in Grodno where we improve the general physical preparation of our sportswomen. Then the girls will return to their clubs, where they will continue participating in the Belarusian National Championship. After this championship we will proceed to the main stage of the preparation that will include friendly games and participation in major international tournaments. At the end we will make a detailed analysis of each national team applicant because only the best basketball players should represent Belarus on the World Cup».

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FIBA Sport and Competitions Manager Gilles Tonoli, FIBA Sport and Competitions Senior Manager Ashley Green and the member of the Japan Basketball Association Hiroko Tanabe, who supervises youth basketball, were the guests of the Draw Ceremony.

Belarusian National Team also attended the Minsk City Hall. The players and coaching staff contacted with mass media and after the ceremony went to the photo session and shooting of the World Cup image video clip.

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The President of the Belarusian Basketball Federation Maksim Ryzhenkov is convinced that Belarus has everything for a successful organization and holding of the World Cup: «Perspective team, modern infrastructure, basketball fans’ interest, I am sure that all these things will help to provide a good competitive and holiday atmosphere in Minsk during the event. I wish all the teams good luck in the World Cup preparation and participation and I wish Belarusian National Team do its best and honorably represent its country».

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Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Igor Yurkevich pointed out that the Draw Ceremony took place in the heart of the Belarusian capital and added the following: «Our city numerously used to host different world championships. The Ice Hockey and Track Cycling World Championships, the European Boxing and Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships were a real holiday for all the fans. This time the best representatives of the youth basketball from 5 continents will compete for the prizes of the World Cup. Belarus from its part will take all the pains to leave only positive memories to the participants about the championship, new friends and hospitable city of Minsk».

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Draw Ceremony Video 


In May 2017 the FIBA Congress transmitted to the Republic of Belarus the right of holding the FIBA U17 Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018 in Minsk. 16 strongest national teams from all over the globe will take part in the competitions: group A – Japan, Colombia, Belarus, France; group B – China, USA, Italy, Mali; group C – Argentina, New Zealand, Spain, Hungary; group D – Angola, Latvia, Canada, Australia.

Currently, the Women’s U17 National Team was formed on the base of Grodno State School of Olympic reserve. It is led by the head coach Viktoryia Datsun and the assistant Valiantsina Navoichyk.

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