More than thirty young referees have participated in the seminar organized by BBF, which took place from 30 March to 13 September 2020.

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Taking into account the obliged pause in basketball tournaments in spring, which was caused by the pandemic, the Republican Collegium of Referees (RKS) decided to continue training young Belarusian referees online. 

The head of this project is the Chairman of the RKS and FIBA Referee Piotr Ivashkov, the tutors are FIBA Referees Andrei Sharapa, Lizaveta Famina, Irina Konan, Piotr Ivashkov, and the National Championships referee Dzianis Matsulevich.

This training program consisted of 3 cycles for 8 weeks. The tasks of the seminar were: improving the knowledge of rules and interpretations, improving the official’s signals, working with video (video cut, processing, creating clips), development of universal criteria for assessing game situations (based on materials of FIBA games and the National Championship), improving understanding of triple mechanics. 

The first cycle of the workshops ended on 24 May, after which the young referees were divided into groups based on their progress.

Each week the tutor gives his group a task(s) and then assesses the level and quality of performance through feedback.

All communication is carried out through specially created groups in messengers. Group 1 carries out assignments in English (individual assignments, at the discretion of the tutor, can also be given in Russian). Referees who cannot cope with the assignments in English are transferred to group 3 by decision of the tutors (without waiting for the cycle to end). Every week the referees take online exams on the knowledge of refereeing terms in English in order to control their knowledge.

In addition, on 16 July, an online quiz was held as part of the second cycle with representatives of four groups attending it. The winner of the virtual competition was Akulik Maksim (tutor Sharapa Andrei), the second place was taken by Chaebakhsh Langerdi Poulad (tutor Famina Lizaveta and Konan Irina), the third and the fourth places were taken by Chaichits Oleh (tutor Ivashkov Piotr) and Pashkevich Victor (tutor Matsulevich Dzianis) respectively. 

The RKS Chairman Piotr Ivashkov: "During the period of online referee marathon we managed to work well in several important areas. First of all, it was very important to support professional skills of referees during the pandemic. In addition, we wanted to see their level of knowledge, their capacity and ability to learn, and the desire to develop in this field. We have also managed to identify the following requirements and criteria on which the referee will be assessed during the new season. The significant advantage of this project was that the experienced referee-tutors were able to get to know the young referees better, to get to know the nuances of education, and to refresh the knowledge of the main refereeing areas. Now it is time to test skills and knowledge in practice. I would like to point out that this type of training will definitely be continued in the same or in a similar way during the season, as this is extremely important and useful for the development of our referees". 

The FIBA referee Lizaveta Famina: "Despite the lack of basketball, we have managed to motivate young referees to work productively during the last six months. Each of them had their own goals and objectives, and tutors acted as assistants rather than strict teachers. Efficiency of the work that has been done can easily be seen at basketball courts. I believe that the main result of this project is the creation of a referee community, which, overwhelmingly consists of young people. They are all seriously tuned in and willing to work hard to become professionals in that difficult profession. As senior colleagues, we are ready to support them in every possible way in their initiatives and formation. Now it is more important than ever to work together to achieve maximum results".  

Participants of the third cycle (from 20.07.2020 to 13.09.2020):

1stgroup (tutor Sharapa Andrei)

- Petrakov Illya

- Matsulevich Dzianis

- Akulik Maksim

- Trotski Maksim

- Sanyuk Andrei

- Kvitun Mikalai

- Malosai Dzmitry

2nd group (tutors Lizaveta Famina and Irina Konan):

- Krutalevich Olha

- Shishin Raman

- Raskopa Nastassia

- Gapanovich Maksim

- Chaebakhsh Langerdi Poulad

- Teglenkova Varvara

- Kurianovich Valery

3rdgroup (tutor Ivashkov Piotr)

- Nazarenko Ulada

- Bitsel Aliaksei

- Uladzislau Yagomostev

- Chkalov Aliaksandr

- Filipenko Victor

- Yurevich Uadzislau

- Suslin Aliaksei

- Chaichyts Oleh

- Kotova Katsiaryna

4thgroup (curator Matsulevich Dzianis):

- Ramanau Maksim

- Petrunin Mikita

- Yermakov Dzmitry

- Protsenko Palina

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