The Belarusian Basketball Federation in cooperation with the Sports and Tourism Ministry will hold the official national 3x3 basketball championship.

The first championship of the Republic of Belarus will consist of regional stages and the final.

The final round is planned to be carried out in early June in "Palova Arena", which is now fully equipped for the European games in 2019. Consequently, the championship finalists will have the unique opportunity to play on the official court, on which the strongest teams in Europe will compete on June 21-24!

Regional stages will be held in regional centers in April-May 2019. The winners of the rounds will get the opportunity to play in the finals. The exact dates and places of the regional stages will be announced shortly - follow the news on the website of the federation.

In the first 3x3 championship male and female teams will participate. The participants are aged over 16. In the future, the BBF plans to hold championships for younger participants as well.

The main goals of the championship:

  • promotion of 3x3 basketball in our country as a modern Olympic sport;
  • the development of a regional network of 3x3 tournaments;
  • training of Belarusian players, coaches, referees and organizers of 3x3 tournaments;
  • receiving ranking points in the 3x3 World FIBA system by Belarusian basketball players.
  • the rating upgrade of the Republic of Belarus in FIBA 3х3 World Ranking.

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