From 4 to 9 January 2021, 19 athletes born in 2007-2008 are training at the sports complex of the Republican State School of the Olympic Reserve under coach Elena Ivanouskaya.

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Basketball players taking part in the "Her World, Her Rules" camp: Valeria Lukashevich, Volga Trigribtsava, Alesia Talkouskaya, Darya Yarashevich, Ulyana Neganava, Marta Surba, Marta Suprun, Hanna Kirkitskaya, Ulyana Danilovich, Sofiya Kameneva, Vasilisa Talkouskaya, Lizaveta Grishkevich, Vera Nestiarovich, Marya Boyko, Ksenia Prakharchuk, Darya Kulik, Ksenia Asyanava, Karina Paray.

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16 girls from the list of participants of this training camp since September 2020 have been enrolled in the RGUOR as candidates for the Belarus U-14 national team following the results of last year's camps held within the framework of the joint project of the BBF and FIBA ​​Europe Her World, Her Rules. Three basketball players - Darya Kulik, Ksenia Asyanova, Karina Paray - have been invited to training camp on trial.

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Today, January 5, at the morning training session of the athletes, a relay race of basketball skills took place, and the coaching staff determined the best players in the following nominations:

The most dedicated – Alesia Talkouskaya;

The most responsible – Marta Suprun;

The most technically skilled – Darya Kulik;

People's Choice Award – Hanna Kirkitskaya.


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Let us remember that in December 2019, within the framework of the joint project of the BBF and FIBA ​​Europe “Step to the Future”, the most promising girls born in 2007-2008 were chosen in six Belarusian cities. According to the results of the regional stages, where young athletes had a trial with the Children's and Youth Sports School and the Children's and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve side, and the 27 most promising, as well as their coaches, were invited to the final round, within which a training camp was held in Minsk from January 10, 2020. The event was attended by specialists from the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Sports and NADA. The large-scale final took place on January 15, 2020.

In June and August 2020, three more camps for girls born in 2007-2008 were held on the basis of the capital's Republican State School of the Olympic Reserve, as a result of which athletes were enrolled to the RGUOR in the fall of 2020.

Also in November 2019, the first international referee seminar for young women referees was held in the Belarusian capital within the framework of the program “Her World, Her Rules”. Twenty participants from Russia, Georgia, Serbia, Latvia, Poland, Moldova and Belarus mastered theoretical knowledge and gained practice of working as referees at the matches of the International Tournament in Memory of Semyon Khalipsky. The head of the refereeing department of the Finnish Basketball Association, FIBA ​​instructor Kati Nunes acted as a guest lecturer at the event.

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