Under the leadership of Alena Ivanouskaya and the supervision of the head coach of the Women’s National Team of the Republic of Belarus, Nataliya Trafimava, 2 groups of 14 athletes will practice from June 15 to 22 and from 22 to 29 on State Sport College.

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Head coach – Alena Ivanouskaya, assistant coach – Mikalai Buzliakou.

The list of participants (June 15-22): Anastasia Selivon, Valeria Lukashevich, Yana Kozlovskaya, Maria Lyaskovskaya, Ulyana Neganova, Daria Yaroshevich, Elizaveta Grishkevich, Ksenia Prokhorchuk, Vera Nesterovich, Alesya Kraseva, Veronika Shkubel, Olga Trigribceva, Maria Gunovich, Alesya Talkovskaya.

The list of participants (June 22-29): Sofia Kameneva, Marta Suprun, Anna Kirkitskaya, Ksenia Asyanova, Ulyana Lokteva, Ulyana Danilovich, Vasilisa Tkachenko, Darina Prokopchik, Maria Gaponik, Victoria Romanchenko, Ekaterina Kostikova, Karina Paray, Ksenia Beryukova, Anna Drach.

- This camp is a part of the FIBA Europe program “Her World, Her Rules”, which the National Federation began to implement in 2019,” explained Nastassia Marynina, BBF Secretary General and Executive Director. - In December 2019, Belarus passed the regional stages and the final, which made it possible to examine almost all the players born in 2007-2008 and made basketball more atractive. The implementation of this program in our country will allow us also to strengthen our work with the reserve of the Women's National Team, draw attention to the development of women's basketball, create optimal conditions for training young players.

Background information: 

FIBA Europe “Her World, Her Rules” program, which started in the spring of 2019, aims to support and promote girls and women in the European basketball community. On November 9, 2019, FIBA Europe announced the further large-scale development of this project until 2021, the budget of which on the continent will be one million euros.

In December 2019, as part of FIBA ​​Europe and BBF joint project “Her World, Her Rules”, the selection of the most promising and progressive girls basketball players born in 2007-2008 was held in six Belarusian cities. The main goal of this republican competition was to create a reliable reserve for the Women's National Team, and the task for the experts of the project’s expert group was the nationwide selection of talented athletes for further targeted work with each of them, as well as the motivation of trainers leading recruits to the initial training groups. According to the results of the regional stages, 27 promising basketball players and their coaches were invited to the final round, in the framework of which in January 2020 a training camp was held in Minsk with the involvement of specialists from the RNSC of sport and NADA. The head coach of the camp was a Serbian specialist Zlatan Prešić.

The expert group at different stages of the project included: head coach of the Women's National Team Nataliya Trafimava, head coach of the Women's National 3x3 Team Yuri Volk, Olympic champion Tatiana Belashapko, honored coaches of Belarus Rehina Pyshnik and Aliaksandr Barysau, coaches of youth teams U-13, U- 16, U-18, U-20 Elena Navoikava, Victorya Datsun, Nadezda Kamianets and Valiantsina Navoichyk (respectively), manager of the Women's National Team Aliaksandr Kydrautsau. The master classes were attended by the players of the Women's National Team Viktoryia Hasper, Anastasiya Verameyenka, Yanina Inkina, Aryna Masko, Marina Kress, Volha Ziuzkova.

In addition to theoretical and practical basketball practices, as well as competitive practice, the girls got acquainted with the nutritional characteristics of athletes, anti-doping rules, and the main aspects of refereeing.

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