In a joint project of FIBA Europe and BBF “Her world, her rules” in six cities around Belarus the selections of the most promising basketball-girls that are born in 2007-2008 years will be held.

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On the 11th of December the republican share will take place. Minsk’s sportswomen are the first to be watched by the commission of experts. The title partner of the contest is “5 Element”.

It’s the first time when such a huge project is taking place in Belarus and the main aim to build up a reliable reverse for the women’s national team, -comment executive director general secretary of BBF Nastassia Marynina. - The aims put in front of the experts are nation wide selection of talented sportswomen for further individual work with each of them, moreover to motivate coaches which are carrying out admission to the group of the primary trainings. This important and uneasy work will be done by an expert group of national experts. The head of this group is the head coach of the women’s national team of Belarus Natallia Trafimava. The main emphasis will be placed on tall players and ball handlers. It is planned that at the final stage which will be at the end of January 2020 the foreign experts will join national experts. The selections of the players of 2007-2008 years of birth is very exciting. The coaches from the regions and from Minsk did a great job. It should be said that many girls last year came inspired to the sections by the women’s world basketball championship U17 which took place in Minsk. But, unfortunately, there are some exceptions. Vitebsk’s region federation decided not to take a part in the selections because of the lack of a given age in the region. But this is the region of Tatsiana Belashapka, Aliaksandr Kul, Mikalai Aliakseeu, Anatoli Yakubenka, the region which is famous for tall sportsmen. So, it was decided that everyone from Vitebsk region can try to participate in the selections in Mogilev.

The expert group consists of: the head coach of the women’s national team of Belarus Natallia Trafimova, the head coach of the women’s national team 3X3 Yuri Volk, Olympic champion Tatiana Belashapko, honored coach of Belarus Rehina Pyshnik and Aliaksandr Barysau,  coaches of youth women’s teams U-13, U-16, U-18, U-20 Elena Navoikava, Victorya Datsun, Nadezda Kamianets, Valiantsina Navoichyk (respectively), the manager of the women’s national team Aliaksandr Kydrautsau.

Based on the results of regional stages the most promising basketball players and their coaches will be invited to the final stage- training camp with the specialists of RNSC of sport and NADA. Apart from theoretical and practical basketball classes, competition training girls will get familiar with peculiarities of sportsmen’s diet, with the rules of anti-doping, with the main aspects of refereeing.

At each stage the contest on the basketball skills and 3x3 tournament, moreover master-classes from well-known belarussian basketball stars will take place, - tells us general manager of the project Lizaveta Famina. - It is planned that Anastasiya Verameenka, Volha Ziuzkova, Victoria Hasper, Aryna Masko, Yanina Inkina and ex-center player of the national team Maryna Kress will share the secrets of basketball skill with younger generation.

Dates of all qualifying stages of the project “Her world, her rules”:

11 December 2019

Minsk, at 12:00 (sport hall “Horizont”, Stadionnaya st. 3)

12 December 2019

Borisov (Gymnasium №2, Normandy-Neman st,32)

16 December 2019

Mogilev (sport hall “Olympian”, 30 let Pobedi, 1A)

17 December 2019

Gomel (Sport Palace, Irininskaya st.,16-2)

18 December 2019

Grodno (sport hall GrSSOL, Popovicha st., 1)

19 December 2019

Brest (sport hall “Victoria”, Leningradskaya st.,4)

The final stage will take place in Minsk in mid-January of 2020(10-14 of January), the participants of which are the best players of the regional stages.


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