On May 28, at 19:00, four professional basketball players will virtually compete for the first place of the Championship and money prize. Watch the battles live on the BBF website.

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A unique online tournament will be broadcasted on the VOKA video service. For the first time in the history of the Belarusian eSports and basketball, the domestic professional players will participate in such virtual championship.

Four Belarusian basketball stars will compete live on VOKA for the title of champion in the NBA 2k20 game for Sony PlayStation 4; among them are bronze medalists of the 2nd European Games-2019 Maksim Liutych, Andrei Rahozenka and Natallia Dashkevich, as well as the center of the Men's National Team Aliaksandr Semianiuk. While offline competitions and team training are on pause, professional athletes will demonstrate their skills in online battles to find out who is the best in virtual reality.

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Natallia Dashkevich, bronze medalist of the 2nd European Games, basketball 3x3

Team: Brooklyn Nets

- While choosing my team for the cyber tournament, I have decided that "Brooklyn" is the most balanced and suitable team for this event, - Natallia Dashkevich said. – Plus, I am very impressed with Kevin Durant and his skills. I know about cyber basketball for a long time, but first I played it about two years ago. Now I do not mind to keep my husband company and compete with him in my free from trainings and games time. I am sure that on May 28, we will all have a great time, not excluding the competitive moment.

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Maksim Liutych, bronze medalist of the 2nd European Games, basketball 3x3

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

- I chose the Lakers because I thought they were the favorites this season, so the chances of winning, in my opinion, are great – Maksim Liutych said. - In addition, the presence of such a swingman as LeBron James can be the main trump card on the way to victory. First, I expect a cool and friendly atmosphere from the upcoming tournament. I will not hide that victory would also be a nice bonus.

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Andrei Rahozenka, bronze medalist of the 2nd European Games, basketball 3x3

Team: Milwaukee Bucks

- If to talk about cyber basketball, I believe that Milwaukee is one of the strongest teams in the League. I always choose it when I’m playing NBA 2k20 in my free time with my friends. I think the key player in this team is Giannis Antetokounmpo and I am planning my game relying on his tremendous opportunities. I think we can all have a great time, chill out and have fun. However, at the same time, everyone understands that this is still a competition, but there is still a desire to win.

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Aliaksandr Semianiuk, player of Men’s National Team of Belarus

Team: Houston Rockets

- I decided to choose “Houston” because this team has good snipers. For example, I really count on the Eric Gordon’s skills, who perfectly performs his uncontested shots. To be honest, I'm new to cyber basketball, so I don't know all the details of this virtual game yet. Still, I hope that being in the company of more experienced competitors, I will be able to show my best skills.

"Cyber basketball.  All Star Tournament" will be held on the initiative of the Belarusian basketball federation and the Belarusian esports federation. Pavaga Gaming will provide technical support in the organization of the tournament.

The domestic fans will have an opportunity for a long time to see their favorite athletes in action and dig into the atmosphere of the game while staying at home.

As part of the broadcast, there will be interviews with players and their coaches, where they will talk about the training process during the pandemic, as well as discuss the classic and virtual basketball.

An exclusive tournament broadcast will take place on May 28 on VOKA at 19.00. Four contestants will compete for the title of the best in a specially equipped studio. The high-resolution led screen will turn the room into a virtual court and create the necessary immersion effect for both participants and viewers.

Professional commentators will report on the events of the tournament.

A live-cam will allow to watch not only the matches themselves, but also all live emotions of the players. Participants of the tournament will share their impressions in a series of flash interviews after each game.

"Cyber basketball.  All Star Tournament" stream with professional Belarusian basketball players will be available on VOKA for free and without authorization for all users — both in Belarus and in other countries. You can watch it on voka.tv or in the VOKA app for mobile devices and Smart TV, as well as on belarus.basketball. After the end of a live broadcast, the recording will be available on VOKA in archive mode.

Four athletes will compete for a money prize established by the Belarusian basketball federation with the support of partners. The third-place winner will receive a 200 BYN certificate, the second-place winner – 250 BYN and the first-place winner will be awarded a 350 BYN check and the Championship Cup.

The BBF partners: concern "Belgospishcheprom", Belagroprombank, Belaruskali, recreation center "Prival", agroecotouristic complex" Bely los", Belgosstrakh, Mozyrsol and the company" 5 element".

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The BBF partner "Vimpex Crown" will also provide the participants of the tournament with certificates for a 50% discount on the entire collection of PEAK clothing and shoes.

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