An online training marathon for female referees started on March 2 and for male referees on March 23.

Belarusian referees are continuing to improve their skills at a time when basketball competitions around the world are on a forced pause.

The instructors of the training program for women are the FIBA referee Irina Konan and Lizaveta Famina. Work with men is led by the chairman of the Republican Referees Board, FIBA referee Piotr Ivashkov.

The main purposes of organizing such online trainings and consultations are the monitoring and controlling of the professional development of young referees in our country.

For the implementation of this project groups of novice referees were created, where girls and boys are offered exercises which will contribute to the study and improvement of referees gestures. Also, during the classes, participants will perform various practical tasks, which they will subsequently record on video, and then, together with mentors, will work on errors if necessary.

Lizaveta Famina, FIBA referee: “If the referee does not fully master the special referee gestures, this can sometimes affect his confidence in the course of the match. Indeed, the ability to clearly and timely stop the game and then competently show your decision to the table officials is very important in our work. That is why during this online clinic we focus on official referees’ gestures and proper interaction with the table officials. First of all, this is done in order to bring the movements of young referees to automatism, so they can concentrate all their attention not on gestures but on taking right decisions in any game situation. Also let me note that such online marathons are held by us for the first time and I am sure this type of training will become more popular, because there is no need visit another city to participate in it, but you can safely perform tasks at home.

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