From 9 March to 13 March, the national championship among girls was held in Soligorsk, the victory in which was celebrated by the Minsk-1 team.

14 03 2022 Winner 

Tournament results:

1st place - Minsk-1

2nd place - Brest region

3rd place - Gomel region

4th place - Grodno region

5th place - Mogilev region

6th place - Minsk region

7th place - Minsk-2

8th place - Vitebsk region

14 03 2022 Best

Symbolic five:

Varvara Pleskachevskaya (Gomel region)

Maria Taran (Mogilev region)

Daria Romanchik (Brest region)

Anastasia Stasevich (Minsk-1)

Daria Grigut (Grodno region)

The MVP of the tournament was Marta Golovach from the Minsk-1 team.

The best defender - Varvara Pleskachevskaya (Gomel region)

The best forward - Daria Romanchik (Brest region)

The best center - Daria Grigut (Grodno region)

The most efficient player - Daria Romanchik (Brest region) - 164 points


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