The players of the handball club SKA-Minsk donated blood, supporting the captain of the youth team and the Dragons’ reserve team Roman Hests.

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The Belarusian basketball player, who is now fighting a severe illness, just turned 21 years old. At five European Championships in the age categories U16, U18, U20, Roma defended the honor of our country, in the summer of 2022, the youth team took second place in the FIBA U20 European Challengers 2021. Now, the captain of the Tsmoki-Minsk youth team and reserve team is courageously fighting the disease with the help of professionals from the Republican Center for Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation.

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A couple of months ago, Hests took the team to the court and hosted a sellout crowd with dunks and three-pointers. In autumn, Roma became the winner of the Republican Universiade, in the season he was among the best players in the Russian Student League of Russian Railways as the player of Tsmoki-Minsk. Now he needs donated blood every day.

‘Roma and I studied together at the Republican State School of Olympic Reserve,’ said the SKA-Minsk’s player Vladislav Krivenko, ‘Therefore, when we found out that he needed our help, we decided to donate blood. The team and the club wish him a speedy recovery, and his parents more strength, patience and faith!’

‘We sincerely thank SKA-Minsk’s players Andrey Pushkin, Daniil Bely, Yan Sobko, Yevgeny Nikanovich and Vladislav Krivenko for their decision to help Roman,’ said the BBF General Secretary Anastasia Marinina, ‘I also thank the management and coaching staff for their understanding. We are one big Belarusian sports family and we understand that in a difficult situation our colleagues give us support. We hope that representatives of other sports will join the campaign.’

‘Every day, donors come to us who donate blood for Hests free of charge,’ shared Olga Levandovskaya, director of the City Center for Transfusiology, ‘They even come from Svetlogorsk, Roma's hometown. Many of our regular donors also decide to join the campaign, which can save the Roma’s and other patients' lives.’

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Among those who have already supported Roma are basketball players, handball players, team doctors, and the Federation employees. However, the treatment is difficult and lengthy, donors are constantly required, especially in this difficult covid time.

Team players and the Belarusian Basketball Federation appeal to everyone with a request for help for Roma. Those with any blood type can become gratuitous donors and help Roma and other critically ill patients of the center.

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What you need to donate blood to Roman Hest:

- take a health certificate (form F1) with the result of fluorography of the OGK for the previous 12 months, and an examination by a gynecologist (for women) no more than 6 months old at a polyclinic at the place of residence or at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Sports (for athletes and coaches of national teams);

- sign up for blood donation on a weekday by phone +375 (17) 277-20-17 (8.00 - 16.00). Indicate during the call that you are donating blood free of charge for basketball player Roman Guest (blood type does not matter). You can donate blood from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 11.00. It is better to arrive at the City Center for Transfusiology (Semashko St., 8) by 8.00;

- before donating blood, follow all the recommendations from the memo;

- take a passport, a military ID (for those liable for military service), a 3x4 photo, shoes (flip-flops), a mask;

- on the appointed day to arrive at Semashko st., 8 (the building of the city center of transfusiology is located on the left behind the main building, the entrance for donors is the right side);

- come to the reception with all the documents and say that you are donating blood for free for basketball player Roman Hests;

- the procedure will take about 1.5 hours, the blood donation procedure itself will take no more than 5-10 minutes. You will have to refrain from training and physical activity on this day.

Remember that in the center there is a very friendly, helpful and professional staff who will always help you in everything if you have any questions.

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On the day of donation, the donor is provided with a certificate of exemption from study/work/military service, a brown bag and the compensation for food (29.66 Belarusian rubles).

A memo about donation is posted on the website of the State Institution Minsk Scientific and Practical Center for Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology -

Since so many people want to help Roma Hests, the family has set up charitable accounts in Belarusbank and, if necessary, will use the received assistance.

Detailed information you can find here:

In the case of transfers from abroad, detailed additional instructions can be found here:

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