Yesterday, on February 24, during the half-time of World Cup 2023 Pre-Qualifier game Belarus - Portugal, the former captain of the Men's National Team Aliaksandr Kudrautsau was retired from the big sport at the Palace of sports.

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Aliaksandr Kudrautsau is master of sports of the Republic of Belarus, nine-time national champion, winner of gold medals of the Belarusian Cups, bronze medalist of the Ukrainian and Polish basketball leagues, was also four times recognized as the best basketball player in the country. Just over a week ago, on February 15, 2020, the former national team captain was inducted into the VTB United League Hall of Fame.

Aliaksandr decided to end his professional career as a basketball player, but he will continue his work in our sport as the team manager of Women's National Team of the Republic of Belarus.

Aliaksandr Kudrautsau: «Being a member of the National Team is a special part of my career. I am very happy that I spent 16 years in the National Team. I was always happy to respond to a call, join the Team, wear a national uniform and be a part of our Belarusian people. For me, these times, first of all, cause feelings of pride and patriotism. Every time I went on the court, I experienced unreal emotions and feelings that I have such a unique opportunity to represent Belarus on the international sports arena. Yesterday, six months later, when I came out on the floor again during the ceremony of retiring from basketball, I again felt an unbelievable delight and awe, standing in front of a large audience and recalling in my head all the best moments of my career in the team of the country. I would like to note that based on the results of the years spent in basketball, no medals or cups will ever replace the gratitude and support of those people who came to the stands all these years and supported us in various periods of the team's performances. So once again I want to say a big thank you to all those who sincerely love and care about our sport and for the emotions and drive that has always given me additional strength and motivation».

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Also Aliaksandr Kudrautsau was gifted by BBF Chairman Maksim Ryzhenkov with a large TV. This memorable gift was established by Belarusian Basketball Federation and BBF official partner - 5 Element company.

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